Who is involved in the running of HFT Masters ?

Roger Lait

Prolific Air Gun shooter, hunter as well as competition shooter, Roger has being involved in HFT for many years with his trusty BSA at his side.

an Bainbridge

Air rifle shooter. Ian has shot HFT competitions for the past ten years and has been involved in the running of a successful Essex HFT club. Ian has also being involved in setting one of the courses at the WHFTA world championships since it was founded at Kelmarsh.

Ray Hampton

highly regarded Air rifle shooter. Heavily involved with the safety and running of HFT Masters shoots, he also posts all the online scores. Winner of The Gathering in 2010 and master of the 59.


Why another HFT series?

We both feel the time is right to give something back to the sport we love.

We want friends and family  to come out and shoot and enjoy our sport and just have a good day out. We will welcome and encourage youngsters to accomplish goals within the sport and the first shoot in the series we will be free for juniors as long as they are accompanied by parent or guardian.

What make HFT Masters different?

Some rules are different from the current from the UKAHFT Rules.

Standing shots will be unsupported and will have a maximum distance of 80 yards combined for the three standing shots which will be on all our courses. The distances of the standing shots
will be a Minimum of 20 yards to maximum of 35 yards.

Kneeling shots will be unsupported and will be at ranges between 20 yards and 35 yards and the combined distance of all three kneeling shots will not exceed 80 yards.

This was brought about because we felt it will be fairer for all shooters no matter their age, height or physical ability. From now on no more little trees, big trees or thin trees to get comfortable on if you are a certain height and no more pallets or man made obstacles. No big tree roots to be avoided whether you are tall ,short, right or left handed.This gives every shooter the same opportunity to knock over each target.

All targets 15 -40 mm.

We actively encourage shooters and visitors to look at our courses before, during and after the competition. we feel this will encourage new people into the sport that we love dearly, no more sitting in the car bored and cold.

We welcome you all to have a great day out. What we want to achieve at the HFT Masters is create a place where people want to come and shoot but ,first and foremost, just come along and enjoy yourself in a relaxed atmosphere.

Obviously no artificial yardage tools allowed.

Targets and distances.

Courses will consist of 30 targets and the kill zone sizes and distances will be the same as other national competitions


There will be a 2-tier system in place at each event to cater for new shooters and inexperienced shooters. We are introducing the second tier with the onus of having fun and gaining experience at shooting  HFT competitions.

Prizes in each tier will be the same for the top 3 highest scores in each class.

Tier 1 will be the same as any other national HFT competition, prizes again in each class tier 1 and tier 2. 

All tier 1 shooters will be drawn for partners on the morning of the shoot.

All HFT Masters courses will be set by Ian Bainbridge.

Targets will only be of the knock over type, only straight paddles with no welding, washers or bends all face plates with no alterations.

Every event will be recorded by Field Sports and will be available to view on the internet.

Marshals will be appointed by HFT Masters only and they will shoot for free.

Yardages 8-45 yards and kill sizes from 15-40 mm.

ash draw at each event.

HFT Masters will guarantee - irrespective of numbers - that we will pay out three prizes to a total of £500 cash in a free draw at each of our 5 events in 2015.

As well as the cash, other trophies and prizes will be given out on the day.

For more enquiries and information check our website hftmasters.net

Also follows us on Facebook and Twitter for all up to date  HFT masters NEWS and you will find the social networking links at the top left of every page on our website.

Ian and Roger look forward to seeing you all at their events in 2015.

We welcome you all to have a great day out. What we want to achieve at the HFT Masters is create a place where people want to come and shoot but ,first and foremost, just come along and enjoy yourself in a relaxed atmosphere.

We can't guarantee the scores you may get, we will guarantee a days sport with like-minded people and if you are really lucky you may go home with a prize.